Why Decaf


At Dewired, we believe decaf is the coffee underdog. Over the last 10 years, specialty coffee roasters have sprouted up in the most unexpected places, breathing new life in to the industry. Most consider decaf coffee as an afterthought. Yet, decaf consumption has almost tripled since 2016 according to a study by the National Coffee Association.

It’s time decaf gets its time in the sun. Or in the afternoon. Or at sunset. (It’s decaf so drink it anytime you want.)

Dewired Decaf tastes as good as regular coffee and it can also provide the same nutritional benefits found in caffeinated cups. Modern decaffeination processes like Swiss Water have opened the door to a decaf revolution.

We are the pioneers of uncharted decaf territory. Here at Dewired, we’re pushing the boundaries of what was originally thought possible for caffeine-free coffees.

Whether you prefer decaf for health or as your go-to afternoon cup, we are 100% committed to only roasting coffees that are delicious, chemical-free and responsibly sourced. Decaffeinated always.

With Dewired...it’s never too late!